Steve Kiley, Co-Director

     Age: 43                 Height: 5′ 10″ (6′ 1″ on an NBA measure)

     Hello from N.J. to all b’ballers world wide.  Anytime is a good time play the game.

     I remember one winter’s end when we shoveled off a court so we could start practice for the upcoming summer league.  We only went .500 that year and got bounced in the first round of the playoffs, but we savored every game, every practice, the team hangouts …. Man it’s good to love this game.

     At N.J. CoC, we meet once a week from April-October.  Each week we focus on a few fundamental drills for the game.  Then it’s time to apply it in real action which the kids go nuts for.  It’s huge to see young kids applying a sweet pass or pump fake they learned in a drill on their way to scoring a basket.  It’s just as rewarding to see a youngster boxing out or setting screens. You know the little things that change games.

     We love to teach the kids about life during our five minute halftime devotionals.  Guest coaches, myself, and the students get to share about Jesus and how He is intersecting all our lives.  This is the most important thing we do.  What a blessing to teach kids about God with a basketball in the palm of my hands.

     My wife Brandi and I have owned and run a small carpentry business for 13 years.  We have been married for 19 years and I am so grateful God gave me the desire of my heart.  Also I am a volunteer Youth Pastor at our home church.  Our three totally awesome children – Emma, Beth, and Duncan – love being part of CoC Basketball.  Emma and Beth are part of the youth worship team and Duncan has a green belt in karate.  My family is my All-Star First team.

     CoC Basketball is Missions trips, weekly clinics, new friends, new faces, guest coaches, playing the GAME, and, most importantly, Jesus is the MVP.  CoC is developing young people into better young men and women because we had the opportunity to grow together ….. while dribbling.

     Lastly, it’s coaches like Coach Cromwell who started CoC with a passion for basketball and an even bigger passion for God.  He gave both to youngsters for many years with a sincere heart.  Coach gave EJ Tarpey the ministry of CoC in 2015. Coach EJ drew me into CoC in 2016 with his crafty recruiting and his sweet jump shot.  It’s a blessing from above to serve with a guy whose heart is as big as his stat sheet.  He would definitely shovel with me if the gyms were all locked.

Coach Steve