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  1. Dan Linsky says:

    EJ, just a note to let you know how impressed I am by the way you run the basketball camp. The respect shown by the kids, as well as their willingness to listen to The Word and pray, increased every week. And the fact that they show up every time your car is there speaks volumes. I really saw their skills getting better from beginning to end. Great job man.

  2. Emily says:

    This is a BEAUTIFUL organization! What makes it so beautiful is seeing how this program changes lives to help transform “shackled” lives to be reborn again and ALIVE. Keep it coming everyone, and you as well Coach Steve! Woot, woot!

  3. James says:

    When I look at an organization, I look first, at the people associated with the organization. Well, I know personally a facilitator/staff member and if the rest of the organization is anything like him…gold! A faith based outreach program that changes lives. God bless these people, who have dedicated their lives to the Lord and to ministering to others. This is a wonderful program.

  4. Dave Domzalski says:

    One of my fondest memories is being a teammate of Ed Tarpey and the rest of the squad at Phillipsburg High School that won the New Jersey state basketball title. Of immensely greater importance to me is the friendship of Ed. He is a tremendous basketball player and teacher, and the highest quality individual. It is an honor and privilege to work with Ed and the Camp of Champs team! A “can’t miss” experience for anyone who attends!

  5. Rob Moore says:

    I am a former college basketball player with a very busy work schedule. Having little time to teach my daughters the fundamentals of the game, I cannot think of a better camp than Camp of Champs or director than EJ. He teaches the fundamentals of the game as well as Christ’s love. My daughters have attended several Camp of Champs and enjoyed every minute of them.

  6. Harry Morra says:

    The Camp of Champs is special to me because of my long-time friend, Ed Tarpey. With his programs, he has combined basketball, faith, fun and charity. I can’t wait to go on one of the mission trips.

    Harry Morra

  7. TJ Frey says:

    I have had the privilege to work a handful of clinics with Eddie Tarpey at Good Shepard Christian Academy in Washington, NJ. Ed is by far one of the most talented basketball players to come out of the Phillipsburg area. He’s a great teacher of the game. He’s an inspiration to the children he’s taught play the game and a great role model.

  8. Jason Feddeman says:

    I have known Ed Tarpey for ten plus years now, and I can think of nobody better to teach kids the game of basketball and life than him. He’s a great player, mentor, coach, and an even better person. Thanks for everything Eddy T.

  9. David Foster says:

    Camp of Champs reminds me of my camp days as a young person. Without a doubt, my camp experience made a lifetime of difference in me. So it is with C of C.
    EJ and his staff are making a lifetime difference in young people and their families both here and internationally as they serve the real Champ, Jesus Christ.
    I highly recommend them to you !

    David Foster
    Head Pastor at Tabernacle Ministries

  10. Sean Judah says:

    My daughter Addison had the privilege and opportunity to attend a 3 day basketball camp with EJ and Camp of Champs. What an amazing experience she had and she is already looking forward to the next one! If you have an opportunity to have your child or children attend one of these Christ-centered Camps, please don’t pass up that opportunity! You will be glad you did.

    Sean Judah
    Children’s Pastor, Tabernacle Ministries

  11. Bob Bernhardt says:

    I’ve known Ed Tarpey for many years and took my son and daughter to one of his basketball camps at church in NJ. Kids had a great time, and with his staff and personal guidance, it gave the kids a positive outlook on sports.

  12. John F. Walters says:

    I have known EJ Tarpey for the past 18 years. He is a close, personal friend and a great Christian man. He and I have worked together in the New Jersey Department of Corrections side by side through thick and thin. You couldn’t ask for a better role model, husband, and father to a family than Eddie Tarpey. My two daughters have been to several of his basketball camps, and compared to other camps we’ve attended, his by far is the best one my daughters have attended. Eddie Tarpey is a great basketball player and teacher and has the skills to teach children the game of basketball. But more importantly, he has the leadership to teach children the skills of life.

  13. Matthew Scerbo says:

    I have known EJ Tarpey for 15+ years. He is like a brother to me. He has taken me under his wing, mentored me, and taught me some of the finer points of Basketball and Life. He is by far one of the best basketball players to ever play at Phillipsburg High School in NJ and, more importantly, an all around great person. His faith and leadership with Camp of Champs is a blessing to the community and every child he reaches across the globe. They most certainly have a winner in EJ Tarpey. I know first-hand that I wouldn’t be the man I am today without his guidance in my life.

    Matthew Scerbo
    Phillipsburg School Board Member

  14. Brent "HOOPS" Fuqua says:

    My name is Brent “HOOPS” Fuqua and I am the Director of Hoops of Hope Basketball Ministry, a professional basketball handler, and trick shot artist. I have been doing basketball ministry all over the world since 1990 in 15 countries and 35 states. I first met EJ Tarpey in the late 1990’s when we played basketball games together with the Saints Prison Ministry in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. I was struck by his love for basketball and for using it as a platform to share the Gospel to prisoners. After that, we stayed in touch and he bought me back to New Jersey for school assemblies and basketball camps. I noticed that EJ had an overwhelming love for children and loved to teach them basketball and see them come to Christ.

    Since then, we have done basketball camps in Florida and a mission trip to the Dominican Republic as well. In all these instances, EJ and Camp of Champs was run very well and really touched the kids in a powerful way. I have also met Coach Cromwell and what a man of God he is!

    I would like to recommend without reservation Camp of Champs, EJ and Coach Cromwell to anyone that wants a first rate Christian basketball camp that helps change lives for eternity!

    Until the whole world knows,

    Brent “HOOPS” Fuqua
    Director of Hoops of Hope Basketball Ministry
    Professional basketball handler and trick shot artist

  15. Brian Boylan, coach says:

    I have known Eddie Tarpey since High School days and have done different basketball camps with him at his church and school. He is a great leader who loves teaching the game to the kids who attend. The camps are enjoyed by all and are filled with basketball fundamentals along with a great Gospel witness amongst himself and the other leaders. I highly recommend this camp. I have brought my own grand-children and niece to his camps.

  16. Irma Ilao says:

    I had the honor of photographing one of their basketball clinics and the kids were all having a great time!! My camera captured positive, active and fun energy!

    Irma Ilao
    Professional photographer, Personal Trainer

  17. Dale Glading says:

    I have known Ed Tarpey for the past 20 years, having ministered with him “behind bars” as part of an athletic prison ministry. “Chief” is a very talented ballplayer and has a real heart for youth. In fact, two of my nephews have attended one of his camps and they really enjoyed it… and learned a lot!

  18. Nick Holgash says:

    Eddie Tarpey is a great teacher and role model. As a former teammate of his – I can only say I have never met a more conscientious and responsible man both on and off the court. Eddie is so passionate about basketball, family and his faith that it is impossible to not rub off on those that are in his presence.

    Nick Holgash
    Former Coach & Athletic Director
    Warren Hills HS
    Washington, NJ

  19. Noreen Pecsok, Athletic Administrator Middlebury College says:

    I have known Ed Tarpey since childhood. He is a great athlete and coach and an even better man. I enthusiastically recommend taking advantage of any opportunity to have your child learn from him. I have worked and run basketball camps for over 30 years as a player and college coach and can attest to Ed’s knowledge of the game and passion for giving back to young players.

  20. Chris Clark says:

    All three of my children have attended Camp of Champs on various occasions. After each camp session, I’ve noticed considerable game improvement in them as well as new found curiosity and a greater appreciation for God. They seem to really like the drills, techniques, and passages that are taught to them. Each night they come home exhausted but wake up the next morning and put on their camp shirt ready to go! I imagine its one of those experiences that my kids have that they will be able to reflect positively on later in life.

  21. “Coach Cromwell and Camp of Champs have the unique ability to relate to every age group. The younger players are drawn to his charismatic personality and the older players are amazed by his vast knowledge of the game. While teaching the game of basketball, Coach Cromwell never misses a ‘ministry moment”. He seems to view basketball as a tool to the heart of a kid.”

    Chris Blackwell
    Minister to Students and Upward Basketball League Director
    The Church at Liberty Square
    Cartersville, GA

  22. “I’m not in coaching, basketball or in position to impact America’s youth without Jim Cromwell. He is the major reason I am who I am today!

    Coach Cromwell and his family, through Camp of Champs, bring you the best combination of basketball instruction and life skills available!”

    Tony Bergeron
    Program Director/Recruiting Coordinator Five-Star Basketball
    Athletic Director/Head Men’s Coach
    Commonwealth Academy
    Springfield, MA

  23. “There is no better person in basketball than Jim Cromwell. He builds people from the inside-out. Camp of Champs will make an impact on your life, giving you skills that will help you as a student, a person, a basketball player.

    The passion that Tommy and Jimmy Cromwell bring to the camp environment is unmatched. They love what they do and it shows.”

    Leigh Alan Klein
    Five-Star Basketball

  24. Pastor Steve Liebsack says:

    I have worked with Ed Tarpey and Camp of Champs on many occasions and the passion and quality he puts into helping kids is top rate. The many years of playing and coaching experience by the staff gives Camp of Champs professionalism while their Faith is expressed through their work. I have loved working with them in the past and look forward to the many years of work we have yet to share.

  25. Eddie EJ Tarpey & his staff have my support in…. making a difference. His leadership is a combination of faith, experience and passion, which means a player is going to have a great time @ one of their clinics.

    Billy Staples
    Author, Motivational Speaker & Teacher

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